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Problem gambling in europe an overview

Problem gambling in europe an overview pathological gambling disorder definition

Problem Gambling in Europe: Lithuania Skokauskas, Norbertas Pages

Italy Croce, Mauro et al. These two tables reveal the one main weakness I have identified in this book—namely, that different authors use different measures of the same apparent phenomena and risk, as well as various survey methodologies e. More recently, the surge in avenues for gambling—casinos, sports betting, lotteries, and remote media e. Prevalence studies in Europe have tended to report that problem gamblers are most likely to be electronic gaming machine EGM players including Estonia, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. Romania Lupu, Viorel Pages Please report it to us. Gerhard Meyer, Professor at the Institute of Psychology and Cognition Research at the University of Bremen Germanyhas been the principal investigator of several research projects dealing with problem gambling and delinquency, neuroendocrine response to casino gambling, brief intervention for problem gamblers and westward ho casino hotel addictive potential of different gambling forms.

Challenges, Prevention, and Interventions. Editors: Meyer, Gerhard, Hayer, Tobias, Griffiths, Mark (Eds.) Edited by Gerhard Meyer, University of Bremen, Germany. The editors of Problem Gambling in Europe are to be congratulated for The author/s commence their contribution with a brief overview of their country's. Overview of presentation. • Quality of information. • Problem gambling. • Problem gambling rates in Europe. • Adolescent gambling in Europe.

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